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About us

About Us

Land Of Studies is a research platform where researchers (students of different level and individuals) are able to acquire the skills of their career they want to pursue. They will be able to test themselves theoretically and practically with what they have studied on the platform with their test results automatically generated for them. Students will post problems on their various domain of studies, while instructors are there to give them response to their question online.

Why Choose Us

We aim on making learning simple for every body and to bring what it takes for you to become who you want to be. We us you have a greater chance to achieve your aim pursuing a particular carrier of your life. We give you the opportunity to study a full course or carrier without entering a class room just by following our online Tutorial lessons for FREE and keep yourself updated with our system.

We alerts you for new material(s) for a particular course you have subscript too.
We give you the abilities to interact with experts in your domain of study.
We give you materials from experts and also helps solved your doubts.
We help solved your academic problem like assignment, projects development and analyses etc... At your own expense.
We are here to help you get prepared for the job market.
We alert you for recent job post concerning your carrier line. COMING SOON...


LAND OF STUDIES was founded on July 2013. where the aim was to make education free and at the reach of every one, we started by given free solutions to individual problems on the IT domain mainly computer programming, late dive into sciences with subjects like Biochemistry, Biology, chemistry and Mathematics. In early 2014, we started given FREE online courses using social media page like Facebook, G+ then expanded our idea by given courses on educational Seminars and Events.


Increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere Enhance teaching and learning on online Advance teaching and learning through research.
To make knowledge very simple for everyone to acquired irrespective of your location and status by so doing we give out quality education in all domains at our reach for free. We bring forth the act of creativity and make self-employment and unemployment ratio reduces.


We believe anyone in the world is entitled to a free education of the highest quality. With the increasing availability of thousands of free lectures by the world's top scholars and independent contributors, we chose to devote our time and energy to share as much free educational content available on the Web as possible, bringing to our users a friendly and intuitive environment for learning. At the same time, we will fully promote and give credit to the original producers and institutions, making use only of their material already available under public domain.

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